Government’s first decision: Hassles on passport and license related service to be averted

Dainik Nepal Dec 27, 2022 | 19:14

Kathmandu: The government is set to address the hassles the citizens are facing in obtaining passport. The government has decided to address long queue of service-seekers at Tripureswor-based Department of Passport. The first meeting of the cabinet held at Singha Durbar after Prime Minster Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ assumed office took the decision to avert the hassles surfaced in the delivery of the passport and license services.

Sharing the cabinet decisions, PM Dahal said the cabinet decided to end the compulsion to stay in serpentine queue for passport and driving license. He further informed that the cabinet univocally held a resolution to deliver governance to make service delivery for the citizen easy and smooth.

According to the PM, the cabinet had also made a decision to call a meeting of the House of Representatives. He further said that the government had come up with resolution to resolve overall problems surfaced in the country. PM Dahal claimed that they had come together with resolution to do something for the country and the people. “We have challenges and complications ahead. Hope and optimism have increased among the people. We have a resolution to do something new in the country”.

He further informed that the cabinet held discussion on averting complexities of the country’s economy, assuring good governance and improving public service delivery. He said that the focus is on good governance so that citizens do not have to suffer. According to him, the meeting also decided about calling the first session of the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Dahal said that he has taken the resolve to focus on solving the problems in the country.

Prime Minister Dahal said that the current ruling parties have come together with the determination to do something new. He also said that people have become hopeful after the formation of the government under his leadership. He mentioned that the mandate of the November 20 election has been addressed by the current cabinet. “There are complexities and challenges ahead of us. But those have decided to do something new have come together. Hence, I feel comfortable working,” he said and added that the first cabinet meeting discussed about addressing the complications in the country’s economy, ensuring good governance to the people with a focus on service delivery.


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