No new variant of corona: Health Ministry

Dainik Nepal

Kathmandu: The government has made it clear that there is no new variant of coronavirus, which has been recorded in the neighbouring countries, in Nepal.

Joint Spokesperson at Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, issued a press statement and informed that the new variant of coronavirus- BF7- was not found in Nepal. The gene sequencing of the samples collected from various parts of the country during a month did not show the BF7. Only the omicron variant was found while testing 48 samples at the National Public Health Laboratory.

In the wake of the spread of new variant of coronavirus in some countries, the Ministry has said it would increase the vigilance and coordinate with the concerned countries. Joint Spokesperson Adhikari however urged all to be aware and informed about the spread of new variant of coronavirus of late. All are requested to use mask, and maintain physical distance and pay heed to hand washing in view of the spread of new variant of coronavirus in the countries abroad.

Similarly, the border points have been asked to ensure screening, vigilance and other necessary preparation against possible spread.


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