Horn prohibition in Bharatpur from today onward

Dainik Nepal Dec 22, 2022 | 20:50

Bharatpur: Horn prohibition has been enforced in Bharatpur, Chitwan from today onward.

The Bharatpur Metropolitan City has come up with new measures to manage the light and heavy vehicles. Owing to growing challenges in managing vehicles with the increase in urbanization, the metropolis has arranged central bus terminal and compulsory parking in Narayangarh Bus Park from today onward.

A meeting of the stakeholders held at the metropolis a week ago had decided to implement the vehicles management measures from today onward. According to the decision, the passenger-ferrying rented buses including mini bus and micro bus from the east to Kathmandu and Pokhara shall get in and off the passengers at the central bus park. The buses from the east to Kathmandu and Pokhara are also needed to go out through Anptari By-Pass route.

Likewise, as per the new arrangement, the buses from the east to the west (Butwal, Dhangadhi, Mahendranagar) shall get in and get off the passengers at the central bus park and pass through Chaubiskothi-Lions Chowk-Pulchowk route.

Similarly, vehicles being operated along the Ring Road of Bharatpur metropolitan area will use Narayangarh Bus Park for parking. Arrangement has been made in a way that the passenger buses from Bharatpur to Tandi, Parsa, Bhandara and Lotthar shall use central Bus Park for parking.

The long route vehicles, including trucks are prohibited to pass through the route from Pulchowk of Narayangarh to Pokhara Bus Park. Likewise, vehicles including passenger bus, truck, lorry and tipper from Kathmandu and Pokhara to the east or the west are prohibited to go to the Narayangarh Bazaar from Anptari. A decision was also made to prohibit horn from Gondrang to Pulchowk-Anptari. Bazaar area. Private and rented vehicles have also been prohibited to park on the left and right sides of the highway and roads in Narayangarh and Bharatpur. Bharatpur mayor Renu Dahal said the metropolis has come up with the measure to manage vehicles in line with its vision.


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