Agreement between The British College and Upcare Health

Dainik Nepal Dec 22, 2022 | 9:32

Kathmandu: The British College is thrilled to announce that they are now partnering with UpaCare Health Ltd, to provide primary healthcare for all of its students and employees.

UpaCare Health is a UK-based company that is using a revolutionary digital platform to transform primary health care in South Asia. Founded by British doctors and engineers on a mission to unlock equitable, accessible, and quality healthcare for all – UpaCare has developed a comprehensive, patient-centric, AI-powered digital health platform that addresses geographic and socio-economic barriers.

This agreement, which will now be available for all staff and students at TBC, will allow them to connect with healthcare professionals and receive invaluable advice and diagnoses.

Talking about the platform, the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of UpaCare Health, Dr Nath said “Unfortunately, in Nepal and other South Asian countries, the importance of primary care is often overlooked. However, 90% of one’s healthcare problems can actually be solved in primary care and we want to help people live their healthiest, happiest lives”.

When speaking about their partnership with TBC, the CEO and Co-founder of UpaCare Health, Dr Sumitra Kafle, added, “We are really excited to work with The British College. From our first meeting, it was clear that TBC was passionate about giving their students and staff a holistic healthcare experience. As a parent, the two most important things you want for your child are good education and good physical and mental health, and now The British College is giving parents that reassurance.”

The British College is regularly forming partnerships with companies that can further the prospects for their staff and students, and this is one of its most influential yet. Speaking about this, the CEO and Founder of TBC, Rajen Kandel said, “University Primary Healthcare is a gold standard provision for students that study in the UK. And so, by also doing this ourselves we are demonstrating our commitment to giving our students a ‘truly British experience’ and we can’t think of a better company than UpaCare to do it with”.


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