Directive to install embossed number plates by mid-March

Dainik Nepal Dec 21, 2022 | 19:25

Kathmandu: The Department of Transport Management has issued directives to the concerned authorities to ensure that the government-owned vehicles have embossed registration number plates installed by mid-March 2022.

Any government-owned vehicle without embossed number plates will be fined 2000 rupees following the end of the deadline as per the Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 2049 B.S., the Department said.

Director General of the Department, Dr Tokraj Pandey, said that government-owned vehicles were found to have not paid tax as much as for 10 years and hence were instructed to install embossed numbers. The installation of embossed number plates has been taken as a means of collecting taxes.

The department said that the tax must be cleared at the time of installation of embossed number plates. The directive of the department to install embossed registration number plates will increase the revenue of the government and the process of installing embossed plates will also be easier, Dr Pandey said.


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