Scholarship to 500 students

Dainik Nepal Dec 18, 2022 | 15:25

Solukhumbu: Five hundred students of Solukhumbu district have been awarded scholarships. A non-governmental organization, Lorraine Nepal France, has provided the scholarship to students from various schools in the district. The students from financially poor households were provided the support.

Nepal coordinator of the NGO, Nima Sherpa, said that 25 students from Phungboche, 14 from Ringmu, 42 from Fero, 130 from Nele, Faplu, Lura, Tamakhani and Garma, 80 from Kaku and Khastaw, 50 from Hewa, 159 students from Charghare, Salabensi and Tumbuk of the district were given scholarships. The Lorraine Nepal France has been providing scholarships to students from different areas of Solukhumbu since a long time.


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