Tilgufa in Kalikot becoming tourists’ choice

Dainik Nepal Dec 15, 2022 | 18:55

Manma: The Tilgufa, a cave at Tilgufa municipality-5 in Kalikot district, has started to become a choice of tourists lately.

The cave has become a tourist attraction lately after the construction of physical infrastructures by the municipality that is named after the cave. The cave measuring around 40 metres in length and around 3 metres in breadth is situated nearby Tila River that is 100 metres from the Karnali Highway.

Other draws of the cave are picnic spot, waiting spot and hiking trail around the cave. Boat service should be brought into operation in Tila River for tourism promotion of this natural heritage, opined chairperson of ward no 5, Updendra Prasad Neupane. Plans were afoot to make a documentary about the cave having religious and natural significance and other touristic spots in the locality.

The cave lies on the way that leads to Rara Lake in Mugu district and tourists traveling to Rara by road often stop by the cave, added Neupane. “Road leading upto cave should be managed and the form of the cave should be kept intact,” he said.


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