Mobile network abysmal in dozens of villages

Dainik Nepal

Bharatpur: Saraswoti Rayamajhi, who turned up to Bharang Primary School at Ichhakamana rural municipality-1 of Chitwan from Kanchanpur for her teaching career, has remained out of family communications over a week.

In absence of mobile network, she has to dent her desire to talk to family members and relatives. “I feel disturbed when there is no mobile communications”, she said, adding, “It has been almost one year since I came here. The mobile connection is abysmal”.

Owing to poor mobile network in over a dozen villages around Bharang, locals have been away from access to phone communications.

Lalmaya Chepang, a folk of Kolbhanjyang, said she has not been able to smoothly talk to her spouse in foreign country due to abysmal mobile network. “We are lagging behind in many affairs. The poor network has further pushed us back. Vehicular access has reached to our home but access to communications via mobile has been a big trouble”, she added. Mobile network is not working in Chaukudanda, Badghyang, Jaithali, Widlang, Kolbhanjyang, Thaprang, Rajbhog, Jyandala, Jautas, Kalin and Tipang of Ichhakamana-1.

Likewise, some areas of Hattibang also have poor mobile network, said ward chair Santa Bahadur Magar. “A dozen of areas of my ward do not have functional mobile network”, he said. Around 3,000 population of the ward have been deprived of access to mobile-based communications, he noted. Most of the residents of the wards are Chepang community people.

He complained that the Nepal Telecom and Ncell have not heeded their grievances lodged several times. The poor mobile network has affected daily private and public life in the area, locals commented.


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