Indian side builds wall violating no-man’s land

Dainik Nepal Dec 07, 2022 | 9:56

Bhairahawa: The Nepali administration has resorted to interference after the Indian side unilaterally attempted to construct a wall in the bordering area in Rupandehi. India has started unilaterally constructing a wall nearby Siddharthanagar municipality-1, Paklihawa in Rupandehi.

Local administration came up with resistance against Indian attempt to begin the construction of a wall touching no-man’s land. Indian security force, SSB, has started erecting a wall covering a large landmass meant for the construction of integrated check post in India.

The Indian side has accumulated construction raw materials just before the district office of the Armed Police Force. Likewise, the Indian side has dug out a pit very closer to pillar number 518 and also erected a pillar for wall construction.

Assistant Chief District Officer Ramchandra Aryal said the construction works have stopped with the resistance from Nepal’s administration. As informed, the Indian side has attempted to unilaterally build the wall when Nepal was totally focused on election.

“The Armed Police Force informed the District Police Office about the wall being constructed by Indian side”, Aryal said, adding, “We immediately informed the Home Ministry and got the Indian side to stop the construction works”.

He further commented that Indian side had started the construction works in a way to affect the no-man’s land. There is a provision that both the countries should take permission from one another while carrying out any action in the no-man’s land, Aryal further explained, adding the Indian side however did not comply with the requirement.

“Any action can be undertaken in the no-man’s land based on the report of the technical team”, he said. “We have informed the Home Ministry about the issue. The ministry would make necessary coordination to this effect”, the Assistant CDO further noted.

An integrated check post (ICP) is under- construction in Belhiya along the Nepal-India border point. Though Nepali side has acquired land long back ago, the Indian side could not move ahead due to land acquisition by Nepal. Now Indian side has acquired land in the west from pre-determined area for the ICP construction.


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