Local level to provide Rs 10,000 to Dalit girls who marry after 20-year

Dainik Nepal

Manma: In a bid to minimize child marriage, ward no 1 of Khandachakra Municipality in Kalikot district has announced that it would provide Rs 10,000 to the Dalit girls who get married after they become 20 year old.

District coordinator of collective campaign against child marriage in Kalikot, Khadananda Adhikari, viewed the announcement would help minimize child marriage to some extent. “Child marriage is still prevalent in many places. The campaign against child marriage is essential throughout the district,” he underscored.

Ward chairperson Dharmaraj Tamrakar also expressed belief that the announcement would play important role to help reduce early marriage.

Similarly, Deputy Mayor Ganesh Bahadur Shahi said the municipality had launched aware driven programme especially at schools. “The new scheme is introduced in a single ward which will be expanded in the other wards gradually,” he shared.


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