Oilseed farming on the rise in Bara

Dainik Nepal Dec 04, 2022 | 8:55

Kalaiya: Oilseed cultivation has increased in Bara this year. Farmers in the district have cultivated oilseeds in an area of 10,300 hectares, according to Agriculture Knowledge Centre.

Oilseed cultivation last year was in 10,270.

Chief of the center Jitendra Yadav said that productivity of oilseed crops has been one metric ton per hectare for the past few years. In the financial year 2072/73, the productivity was 1.10 metric tons per hectare. Likewise, between the years 2073 to 2077, farmers cultivated oilseeds in an area of 11,000 to 12,000 hectares.

Yadav said that there is a decrease in productivity due to lack of quality seeds, farmers forced to use the seeds they have at home, not using as much fertilizer as needed.


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