Wine Company to purchase Kiwi from farmers

Dainik Nepal Dec 03, 2022 | 9:03

Musikot: Kiwi farmers in Aathbiskot municipality had problems in selling them their produce despite growing it in abundance. Lack of road connectivity and faraway market was a problem.

The production of Kiwi had increased with many farmers joining the farming of the fruit but market was difficult to find. But a wine industry in the municipality has come to the rescue of the Kiwi farmers. The Karnali Beverages Pvt Ltd is going to buy the kiwi produced by the farmers of the municipality.

Mayor of the municipality Ravi KC said an agreement has been reached between the company and farmers to purchase Kiwi fruit at Rs 125 per kg. According to him, 142 quintals of kiwi have been produced in wards number 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12 of the municipality.

There are 47 kiwi farmers involved in commercial farming of Kiwi fruit in the municipality. After the local government emphasized on kiwi cultivation, the number of farmers cultivating kiwi in the municipality has increased. The government had distributed kiwi seedlings to the farmers.

Almost 2,100 kiwi plants were planted in the municipality last year alone. Currently, the municipality estimates that around 1,500 kiwi plants are bearing fruit in the municipality.
Similarly, the municipality is also going to give subsidy in transportation. Mayor KC said that the municipality will pay the fare for transporting kiwi from the farmer’s field to the company in Ward No. 12.

Ganesh Shahi of ward no-10 in the municipality produces 25 quintals of kiwi annually. He had a lot of trouble in selling kiwifruit due to lack of transportation facility. He is however now happy that kiwifruit will be consumed in the municipality itself along with subsidy for transportation. The Karnali Beverages is producing wine and various kinds of fruit juices.


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