No more burning and burying of hospital waste

Dainik Nepal

Tulasipur: Rapti Provincial Hospital in Tulsipur of Dang used to throw the waste it produced haphazardly.

The garbage thrown by the hospital sometimes ended in farmer’s field. Furthermore, there used to be bad odour due to waste thrown around the hospital. Some used to be burnt or buried.
But that situation has now ended. With the establishment of a medical waste management center in the hospital, the problem of unorganized management of waste has ended.

Solid waste from the hospital is now sent to the center, where it is made free of infection before being disposed off scientifically. Bio-degradable and non-degradable waste is separated before disposal.

Acting Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Om Aryal, said waste that is made free of infection is handed over to the sub-metropolitan municipality. Earlier we had to bury, burn and throw it away. After making the waste infection-free, it is managed in coordination with the municipality.

Two machines have been installed in the hospital to disinfect the waste. The center was established by with the financial and technical support of UNDP and China Aid. The center has been established at a cost of Rs 25 million.

Such waste management centers have been established in six different hospitals, including in Dang. The centre upon completion was handed over to the hospital. A three-day training was also organised to train the employees to operate the centre successfully.


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