Polls in Madhesh: UML first, NC second, Janamat and Unified Socialist make debut

Dainik Nepal

Janakpurdham: Counting of votes under the first-past-the-post system in the elections to the Member of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly has completed in the Madesh Province.

Though the count in other districts was over by Monday, the final results for Dhanusha 4 and Dhanusha 4(2) were announced this morning. The Province consisting of eight districts in the southern plains has 32 constituencies under the HoR followed by 64 under the PA. According to the Election Commission Madhesh Province Office, vote counts have completed for the entire constituencies in the Province.

As per the results, the CPN (UML) has secured highest nine HoR seats and 15 PA seats in the Madesh, becoming the first party in the Province. In the previous 2017 general elections, the party was limited to two HoR seats: Dhansha 4 and Sarlahi-3. This time, the party proved its majority in other seven constituencies, winning the additional seats in Siraha-1, Siraha-3, Dhanusha-3, Bara-1, Parsa-3, Bara-3 and Mahottari-1.

Similarly, the party has added one more seat under the PA this time, winning majority 15 seats in total. The party emerged victorious in Saptari-1(1), Siraha-1(1), Siraha-2(2), Siraha-3(1), Dhanusha-1(1), Dhanusha-2(1), Dhanusha-3(2), Dhanusha-4(2), Rautahat-2(1), Bara-1(1), Bara- 3(1) Bara-4(1), Bara-3(2), Mahottari 1(1) and Mahottari-4(1).
The major ruling Nepali Congress (NC) has been elected to claim seven HoR seats followed by 13 under the PA. The HoR constituencies won by the party are Saptari-3, Dhanusha-2, Rautahat-4, Parsa-2, Parsa-4, Saptari-4 and Mahottari-4.

Under the PA, the party secured a win in Saptari-3(1), Dhanusha-3(1), Dhanusha-4(1), Sarlahi-2(1), Sarlahi-2(2), Sarlahi-4(1), Rautahat-1(1), Rautahat-1(2), Rautahat-3(2), Parsa-2(1), Parsa-3(2), Parsa-4(1), and Dhanusha 1(1).

This time, the party has also improved its position in the Madesh as it added one more seat under the HoR and four towards the PA in compared to the previous elections.

The Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) Nepal has become the third largest party in the Province winning six seats towards the HoR and nine under the PA. The party clinched Saptari-1, Siraha-4, Parsa-1, Bara-2, Siraha-2 and Dhanusha-1. The PA constituencies won by the party are Dhanusha-2 (2), Parsa-1(2), Parsa-4(2), Bara-1 (2), Rautahat-4(2), Sarlahi-3(2), Siraha-1(2), Bara-2(2), and Mahottari-4(2).

In the previous polls, the party, which ran in the polls under the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum, had won nine HoR seats and 19 PA seats.

The Loktantrik Samajbadi Party is in the fourth position by winning three HoR seats and seven PA. The party has won in Mahottari-2, Sarlahi-2 and Mahottari-3 followed by Parsa-2(2), Mahottari -2(1), Mahottari-3(1), Mahottari-3(2), Sarlahi-1(1), Siraha-4(2) and Bara-4(2). The party had in the 2017 elections secured a victory at 10 HoR seats and 15 PA under the Rastriya Janata Party.
This time, the Janamat Party led by CK Raut having participated for the first time in the election has secured one HoR seat followed by six under the PA. Party Chair Raut won the election from Saptari-2 by defeating the JSP Chair Upendra Yadav. The party proved its majority in Saptari-1(2), Saptari-2(1), Saptari-2(2), Siraha-4(1) and Siraha-2(1).
Three seats: Sarlahi-4, Rautahat-2, and Rautahat-3 in the federal parliament and six towards the PA: Parsa-3(1), Bara-2(1), Mahottari-2(2), Rautahat-3(1), Sarlahi-3(1) and Saptari-4(2) have been won by independent candidates in the Madesh.

The CPN (Maoist Centre)’s presence in the Madesh has shrunk this time as compared to the past as the party lost four seats towards the HoR and two under the PA, winning one HoR seat and four PA. Mahendra Ray Yadav has been elected from Sarlahi-2 as the HoR member with the party’s election symbol ‘a sickle and a hammer inside a circle’. Sarlahi-4(2), Mahottari-1 (2), Rautahat-4(1) and Parsa-1(1) are secured by the party. The CPN (Unified Socialist) formed following the split from the UML has won two HoR seats: Rautahat-1 and Bara-4 and four PA seats: Rautahat-2(2), Sarlahi-1(2), Siraha-3(2) and Saptari-4(1). It was the first participation of the party in the HoR and PA elections since its formation. RSS


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