Farmers still waiting for chemical fertilizers

Dainik Nepal Nov 29, 2022 | 16:49

Bhajani: Ram Krishna Chaudhari from Tikapur Municipality-6 of Kailali was standing in line for his turn to get chemical fertilizer from a cooperative, but its office got closed without providing the supply.

In the morning, he was in line for the chemical fertilizers needed for winter crops. He was however denied the fertilizer showing it dearth. “Chemical fertilizer is the one we get most worried about when it is time for cultivation. It is difficult to cultivate after shortage of fertilizer,” he said, adding that the cooperatives only provide it to their share holders.

Laxman Chaudhari from the same locality shared similar plight, “It has been more than a week the land is tilled, but chemical fertilizer is not received. If the problem persists, I will not continue cultivation.” Moreover, Suresh Kathariya from Bhajani Municipality-6 is planning for foreign employment said, “He had been able to sow wheat seeds only in five bighas out of 15 bighas of land. It was because of the lack of fertilizer.”

He further said if the chemical fertilizer was available in market on time, he could cultivate all his land and sow wheat seeds. These are representative cases how the farmers are afflicted with unavailability of essential during the cultivation time.

Manager of the cooperative, Govind Rawat, admitted that they were not able to distribute the chemical fertilizers to all farmers. Even the farmers growing seeds could not be provided the fertilizers, he added.

The time for cultivation of winter crops is fleeting. Similarly, Dhansinghpur Agriculture Cooperatives of Tikapur Municipality-8 also said it was unable to distribute chemical fertilizers. Cooperatives’ Chairperson Dhansing Saud said, “The fertilizer selling depot provides only 50 to 60 packs which is too little to address the growing demand.”


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