Melamchi water collected in Sundarijal

Dainik Nepal Nov 29, 2022 | 9:12

Kathmandu: The water from Melamchi has been released into a reservoir at Sundarijal in Kathmandu through a tunnel way following the repair of the structure damaged by flooding.

Flooding during monsoon damaged the tunnel at Helambu Rural Municipality in Sindhupalchok district, thus halting the water supply since around six months ago.

The released water will clean up the tunnel, and it will be regular thereafter, said Rajendra Panta, Spokesperson for the Melamchi Drinking Water Project. After a week later, 175 million liters water will be discharged on a daily basis, and distributed to the residents of the Kathmandu Valley, he said, adding that it takes approximately one week for the water to reach Sundarijal.

For the distribution of water under the Melamchi project to the residents of the Kathmandu Valley, the Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited Project Implementation Directorate is constructing infrastructures in the Valley. The water for the first time reached the Valley twenty months ago with the completion of the much-awaited project.

However, it halted due to flooding in the Melamchi River on 15 June, 2021 before its resumption eight months ago.

The water from Melamchi is collected here only during winter as some construction works at the source of the water in Melamchi have yet to be completed, it has been said.


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