Bibaha Panchami: Swayambar ceremony held

Dainik Nepal

Janakpurdham: The Swayambar ceremony of Lord Ram and Janaki in the Tretayug, the main event of the Bibaha Panchami festival, was held in Janakpurdham on Monday.

The Swayambar ceremony was held at the Bahrabigha ground where thousands of people attended the historical event. Attendees from different places of Nepal and India visited the ceremony.

The palanquin of Janaki left the Janaki Temple accompanied by a musical procession, to meet Ram’s palanquin that arrived from the Ram Temple. The two were then taken around the city and brought to the historical Bara Bigha ground of Janakpur.

The commemoration of the wedding ceremony of Sita and Ram is taking place tonight. In view of the ceremony, the security situation in Janakpur has been beefed up.


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