Provincial-level discussion on Girls led CRC Supplementary Reporting successfully organized

Dainik Nepal Nov 28, 2022 | 21:00

Pokhara, Gandaki: The provincial discussion on the draft of the 6th and 7th periodic supplementary reports of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was organized in Pokhara on 8 November 2022.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified by Nepal on 14 September 1990. The member states of this convention have legal obligations to submit the progress and status of the implementation of the provisions through the Secretary-General of the United Nations, first within two years of the adoption of CRC and at least every five years thereafter. The state parties must report the progress, and challenges and provide detailed information on the implementation of the provisions of CRC. Nepal submitted its 6th and 7th periodic National report on CRC in early 2022, and Civil Society Organizations are preparing for the submission of the supplementary report. Realizing the need the highlighting the unique and sensitive agendas of girls in the report, Girls-led CRC reporting is being prepared with the leadership of young adolescent girls.

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The discussion with adults and children was conducted separately and simultaneously in the program. 50 representatives of Civil Society Organizations, Child rights networks, representatives of the National Human Rights Council, advocates, child rights campaigners, experts, and parents from 10 districts of Gandaki province participated in the discussion with adults. 20 adolescent girls from 10 districts were present in the Girls led consultation. The program was chaired by the President of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (Jcycn) and the Coordinator of the National Coalition for Girls Rights (NCGR) Mr. Tilottam Paudel.

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Mr. Ram Prasad Subedi, the president of the NGO Federation, was present as the chief guest and stressed the need of highlighting children’s participation, promotion of equality and inclusion, proper management of alternative care and strengthening partnerships, etc. in the supplementary report.

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Mr. Aatmaram Thapa, Ms. Sumikshya Khadka, and Mr. Rabin Nepali from CZOP, National CFLG Forum, and C-Net respectively facilitated various sessions in the program. Mr. Santosh Maharjan, from the consortium, provided a welcome speech in the program on behalf of the organizers. Concrete recommendations were collected in the CRC Supplementary Reporting by dividing the participants into different groups. The Girl-led consultation was facilitated by Ms. Prakriti Aryal, peer educator of the GEP program being implemented by Jcycn at Nawalpur.

The program was organized by Jcycn and CZOP jointly with the support of KANALLAN and solidarity of Plan International, Save the Children, Consortium Nepal, National CFLG Forum, National Coalition for Girl Rights, C-Net, CRC Reporting Coalition Nepal, Justice Venture International, Social Protection Civil Society Network, NACG Nepal, World Vision International Nepal, and so on.

In the discussion, the participants raised the issues like effective implementation of laws and policies related to children, implementation of the Education Act, access to free and quality, education, promotion of sports for girls, increasing access to technical education, ensuring institutional and effective child participation, allocating sufficient budget for the reorganization and operation of children’s clubs, prioritization of Dalit and other children from disadvantaged communities, improvisation of alternative care, ending various harmful practices related to children, promotion of Child Friendly, Adolescent Friendly, Nutrition Friendly and Disable Friendly Local Government, mainstreaming of most marginalized children including Sexual and Gender Minority Children and so on. Jcycn, NCFLGF and NCGR has been conducting consultations with girls and stakeholders of various districts for the preparation of the Girls led and Girls Centric CRC Reporting.


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