Biratnagar metropolis launches campaign against pavement encroachment

Dainik Nepal

Biratnagar: The Biratnagar Metropolis has launched a campaign against the pavement encroachment. Under the campaign, footpath shops and structures failing to meet the criteria are to be removed.

The campaign aims to enhance urban beauty and make the movement of pedestrians and vehicles convenient, according to the local government. It may be noted that on October 20, the local government issued a public notice, setting a 35-day ultimatum to the people concerned to vacate encroached zones.

The campaign kicks off from the main road area of the town. Footpaths in the town are largely occupied by business stalls and illegal structures, it is said.

Local trader Shankar Shah said he personally welcomed the campaign to vacate footpaths and to systematise the urban setting, but he wants the local government to give some time to the people concerned so that they could vacate footpaths on their own.

Metropolis police chief Rajan Poudel said they were forced to launch the campaign against pavement enrichment as the notice to this regard was not implemented by the metropolis folks. He urged one and all to support the efforts to systematize the urban life


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