Election materials, security personnel arrive in all voting stations

Dainik Nepal Nov 18, 2022 | 7:07

Khotang: Election materials and security personnel have reached all the voting stations in Khotang district for the elections to the House of Representatives (HoR) and provincial assembly scheduled to take place on November 20.

The Office of the Chief Returning Officer, Diktel, said that it dispatched the ballot paper, ballot box, officials and security personnel in all voting stations in the district.

Chief Returning Officer Shubhash Babu Giri said a total of 1,558 officials and 1,800 security personnel have been deployed for the election purpose. The officials and security personnel have taken altogether 62 kinds of election materials including ballot paper, ballot box, voters’ namelist, rubber mat, stamp and others.

In Khotang, there are 136 voting stations, 194 voting centre and two temporary voting centres. District Election Officer Rajesh Gautam said four ballot boxes have been sent to each voting centre.
The officials deployed in the voting stations would begin preparations for voting centre and booths.

The District Election Office said that a total of 142,792 voters are eligible to cast votes in Khotang district.

The district with a HoR seat and two provincial assembly seats witnessed a massive election campaigns in the past two weeks where the ruling alliance and CN (UML)’s candidates are the key contenders.

CPN (Maoist Centre)’s Ram Kumar Pasang is contesting for the HoR seat from the left-democratic alliance while UML’s Bishal Kumar Bhattarai is into the fray.
Other political parties’ and independent candidates are also vying for the HoR and provincial assembly seats in Khotang.


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