New voters eager to cast vote

Dainik Nepal Nov 12, 2022 | 13:41

Kanchanpur: Sarala Pant of Bedkot Municipality-9 of Kanchanpur is preparing to vote for the first time in the election to be held on 20th of November.

She however said that she hopes that her first ever vote would not go waste. She said that she will vote for the candidate who can provide quality education in the village, create jobs for the youth and take initiative to solve the problems of the people.

Similarly, Rajesh Bhatt of Bedkot Municipality-7 is also participating in the voting process for the first time. “I will vote for a candidate who does not commit corruption and works for the people.”
Dheeraj Joshi of Bhimdatta Municipality-18 is also eager to cast his vote and said he will vote for a good and capable candidate, even if there is no choice as he thought.

Not only new voters but also old voters are eager to vote. Devaki Pant of Bedkot Municipality-7 is voting for the fourth time on November 20. “Those who voted in the previous election did not do well, this time I will change the person that I vote for”, he said, “I will vote for the candidate who can develop our region.”

As the election date is approaching, the Election Commission has reached the final stage of preparation. Candidates are in the final step to convince the voters.


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