Best reader in library to get 10,000 every month

Dainik Nepal Nov 12, 2022 | 9:51

Tikapur: A library in Kailali has decided to honour the best reader of the month with a cash prize.

The Tikapur Community Library in Kailali with reward the reader of the month with Rs. 10,000 in cash. The library has come up with this idea according to the agreement reached between the concern group in Tikapur and the library. This is being carried out to make the reading culture more effective.

President of the Concern Group, Prashant Aryal and Chair of the Library Tara Prasad Joshi, signed the agreement on Friday. After this arrangement, one reader will get the prize every month from among those who come to read in the community library.

Aryal said that the habit of reading has been disappearing with the expansion of internet technology and smart phones. The habit of reading has been lost while the trend of watching and reading light content on smart phones has been established.

The library has more than 10,000 books of various genres. Presently it welcomes 30 to 35 regular readers daily. Established in 2064 B.S.. the library has a separate reading room and a children’s room. During holidays, children can play and read in the children’s room.

The library also has an information technology room with about two dozen laptops and computers. Tikapur Community Library and Concern Group will make a procedure and distribute the prize. “An agreement has been reached to start the prize distributing from the coming month of December”, Navraj Bhattarai, secretary of the group.

Secretary Bhattarai said that Hikmat Thapa, the former treasurer of NRNA and Aryal, the president of the concern group, have assured about the arrangement of funds required to present the prize.


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