Vegetable farming flourishing in Naya Basti

Dainik Nepal Nov 06, 2022 | 10:18

Kanchanpur: Farmers of Naya Basti in Bhimdatta Municipality-16 of Kanchanpur are engaged in vegetable farming after it proved to be more beneficial than growing other crops.

All the 41 Rana families here have been cultivating vegetables. Nathuram Rana, a farmer, said that he started commercial vegetable farming by forming a group in 2007. He has now expanded the cultivation to 15 kattha of land. The main source of income for Rana family is vegetable farming.

Sudama Rana, who has been engaged in vegetable farming more than a decade, said that he chose vegetable farming because it is more beneficial than other crops. He however complained that the vegetables coming from India are causing problems to the local production.

Similarly, Meena Rana, who is engaged in vegetable farming, also said that she is earning a good income from vegetable farming. People now look for local produce in the market as we produce pesticide-free vegetables, she said.

The Rana community has also started a homestay in their settlement near the Shuklaphanta National Park. Kailashu Rana, who is engaged in vegetable farming, also says that his family runs by producing and selling vegetables. The annual profit from vegetables is two to three hundred thousand rupees.”

Most of the vegetable farmers here are women from the Rana community. Men go outside to do other work while women grow vegetables at home and support the household expenses.


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