Majhi settlement: where candidates reach merely for votes

Dainik Nepal Nov 04, 2022 | 10:37

Dhortpatan: When election comes round the corner, the candidates canvass to the residents of Majhi settlement. Now too, the candidates and leaders of different political parties are reaching to the marginalized people’s settlements in Baglung municipality-1 with several assurances when the federal and provincial parliamentary elections was coming near.

Candidates have distributed assurance for employment to the underrepresented community people who are facing tough to eke out their daily livelihood.

The Majhi families who were rendered displaced while constructing the Baglung-Pokhara Highway in 2048 BS had been sheltering in makeshifts at Bangechaur for over a decade.

Merely four years ago, the government had constructed settlement nearby Niyarghat and handed to the indigent families. Most of them got land ownership certificate with house. Still more families have not accessed the ownership certificates.

Assurances have been given to the Majhi communities for basic amenities including road, drinking water and employment in every election. However, actions are withered.
“Leaders turn up to our houses almost every day with pile up of assurance during election. But they never come back to our settlement and make attempt to resolve the challenges of our locality”, said Som Bahadur Majhi, a local.

Majhi voiced his complaint that the candidates have not been able to deliver their promises on road, drinking water and employment. Years have spent since the leaders made the promises for the management of drinking water and roads, he said, but the commitments have never been translated into actions.

It may be noted that the government had constructed 13 houses targeting the displaced Majhi families four years before. Though they got houses but yet to access basic facilities such as health, education, employment and drinking water, Majhi added.

Chandrakala Majhi, a local resident, said, “Our entire property was ruined during the construction of road. The government had merely constructed the house. Only house is not enough, there is no space for life sustenance. The government should either show the area of work for livelihood or provide employment opportunities”.

She is also critical to the non-performance of candidates. “The candidates who turn up now will come back to our settlements in next round of election”, she lambasted.


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