Motorboats resume operating in Narayani river

Dainik Nepal Oct 29, 2022 | 13:21

Bharatpur: Motorboats have started operating in Narayani river after the rains subsided. Operation of motorboats had been stopped after the water flow increased and they resumed along with the festivals. Motorboat service is closed for three months due to floods in rainy season. Lately, there has been a influx of domestic tourists enjoying riding motorboats on the Narayani river.

President of the Narayani Motorboat Business Association, Ashesh Malla, said that the motorboat operation has been delayed due to post-monsoon rainfall. The motorboats will now be operated regularly.

There are 20 small and big motorboats currently operating in the Narayani river. The motorboat companies are currently providing services from two locations. A short distance from Narayani Bridge to Majuwa Island Pokhara Bus Park and a long distance from Majuwa Island Pokhara Bus Park to Gaidakot Radhakrishna Temple have been designated.

A large motorboat can accommodate 18 to 25 passengers at a time. Similarly, small motorboats carry 6 to 12 passengers. The fare is Rs 250 per person for short distance and Rs 500 per person for long distance.

President Malla shared that 400 to 500 people take a motorboat ride in Narayani every day. On holidays, up to 1,000 people ride the motorboat.


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