Kaag tihar being observed today

Dainik Nepal Oct 23, 2022 | 8:47

Kathmandu: As part of Tihar festival, Kaag Tihar is being celebrated today as the first day of the five-day long festival. The day is observed by offering food to the crow. The crow is regarded as the messenger of Yamaraj, the Hindu god of death and justice.

Prof. Srikrishna Adhikari, Chairperson of the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, told RSS that as the Kaag Tihar should be celebrated on the day of Trayodashi in the morning, it has been decided to celebrate this festival on Sunday as per the religious scriptures.

It is religiously believed that feeding rice pudding to crows on this day will carry a good message to Yamaraj. On this occasion, a special worship service is held today at Kageshwari Mahadev Temple located in Kageshwari Manohara Municipality Ward No. 1. Similarly, special worship of crow is also performed in Kageshwari temple located in Hanumandhoka.

The festival of Tihar is also associated with the belief that Yamaraj will punish those who commit evil deeds and Dharmaraj will protect those who do good deeds. Due to the change in date this year, Yama Panchak or Tihar festival which starts in the evening on the day of Kartik Krishna Trayodashi has started from Saturday evening. Similarly, the Dhanteras festival of buying jewelry and copper utensils to keep Goddess Lakshmi happy was also celebrated on Saturday itself.


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