Rhino ravages harvest-ready paddy

Dainik Nepal Oct 19, 2022 | 9:53

Chitwan: Rhino has entered the farms and ravaged the harvest-ready paddy crops at Madi municipality-1 and 2 in Chitwan.

Geeta Mahato, a farmer of ward-1, Seruwa, said rhino has ruined the harvest-ready paddy which she added has increased their livelihood woes this year. She complained that the wildlife coming from the national park every year have challenged them in fully harvesting their hard-earned crops.

Office secretary at Panchpandav Users Committee under the Chitwan National Park buffer zone, Jaga Narayan Bote informed that rhino has caused much loss and damage to their paddy plantation this year.

He said farmers were turning up to the office every day with application detailing loss and damage to their farms. Bote further said the wild boars and spotted deer (Chital) along with rhinos and elephants have also been panicking farmers in Bhairabpur, Seruwa and Gardi area.

Chief of Madi municipality, Tara Kumari Kaji Mahato said the graph of loss and damage caused by wildlife has been on the rise in Madi of late. “Almost everyday wildlife has caused loss of lives and properties along the national park border from Panchpandav to Baga. We are compelled to live an ever- fearful life due to wildlife rampage”. He further shared that wildlife-triggered troubles have become a regular phenomenon due to lack of coherent and planned works in minimizing human-wildlife conflict.


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