Khas Arya candidates outnumber in inclusive category for HoR and PA elections

Dainik Nepal Oct 16, 2022 | 10:00

Kathmandu: Candidates of the Khas Arya group outnumber in the inclusive category towards the first-past-the-post election system under the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Province Assembly election.

The election of the member of the HoR and the PA is taking place in single phase throughout the country on November 20. Out of the total 2,412 candidates towards the HoR, the highest number 1,017 are candidates in the Khas Arya group followed by 641 candidates towards the indigenous nationalities group, 506 towards Madhesi group, 97 towards the Dalit group, 82 towards the Muslim group and 69 candidates towards the Tharu group, the Election Commission (EC) data shows.

The candidates of the Khas Arya group are more towards the Province Assembly election as well. Out of the 3,224 total candidacies in the Province Assembly, 1,055 candidates are towards the Khas Arya group followed by 906 towards indigenous nationalities group, 874 towards the Madhesi group, 154 towards the Muslim group, 144 towards the Dalit group and 100 towards the Tharu group.

Registration of candidacies for the HoR and PA election took place throughout the country on October 9.


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