How to protect mobile phone from hackers

Dainik Nepal Oct 12, 2022 | 21:01

The mobile we are using may be insecure, which may be delivering our important information to other people or hackers.

If we are careless or careless while using our mobile or downloading applications, we may suffer not only great pain but also damage. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep the smartphone that we use safe.

Let’s protect smart phone in this way:

– The app should be downloaded and installed from Google Playstore or Appstore (Official Reputed App Store) only based on ratings and reviews.

– When installing the app, if the app asks permission for camera access/location tracking/contractor media/audio/file access, it is useful to click Deny Tools.

– Before installing any app, it is mandatory to read the ind-user agreement and the app’s privacy policy related to that app. Let’s keep information about which mobile data the app accesses and the personal details shared with third parties through the app.

– Let’s use a strong password for mobile and biometric login like digital fingerprint if smart phone. Let’s change the password from time to time. Do not root the smart phone with a jailbreak. Never use a found smart phone, keep the mobile handset locked when not in use. Also, let’s configure the phone settings to be auto-locked.

– Regularly update mobile phone software (operating system/application) and use Genun Farwell/anti virus and mobile security solution which is mandatory for mobile phone security.

– Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc. when not in use. Let’s set it so that others can’t use the mobile phone and mobile tracking can happen.

– Do not use free public WiFi hotspots which are unsafe when doing digital transactions through mobile. Keep a backup of the sensitive data on the mobile handset.

– Don’t reply/respond to messages, phone calls, etc. from unknown mobile numbers, e-mailers, WhatsApp, BV, Messenger, etc.

– Do not use unsafe websites such as free music videos, pornographic material, do not click randomly on the same link and do not download pirated software, games, free music, videos.


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