700 people receive treatment during Dashain vacation

Dainik Nepal Oct 12, 2022 | 9:27

Trishuli: As many as 700 patients have received health service from Trishuli Hospital Nuwakot during the Dashain vacation.

Hospital’s medical superintendant Dr Deependra Pandey informed that the number of patients receiving emergency health service during Dashain vacation has doubled this year. He shared that annually around 300 patients used to receive health services during festive vacation in the last two years even when there was high risk of coronavirus infection.

“Mostly the patients of fever and dengue got admitted in the hospital during this festive time”, he said. The hospital has provided emergency health services to 230 fever patients, 162 dengue-infected and 25 patients of injuries, among others.

having several health problems. Likewise, 100 plus people were provided with health services being admitted at the hospital, it was informed. During the festive vacation, the hospital had kept other services except OPD open and continued surgical, laboratory, video x-ray and blood circulation services, Pandey added.

The 50-bed Trishuli Hospital operated under the Bagmati Province government however has managed 100 beds on its own internal resources. The hospital has provided free of cost Dengue test services.


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