Incessant rain waterlog several local levels in Banke

Dainik Nepal

Nepalgun: Most of the local levels in Banke district have been inundated due to incessant rain and subsequent flooding since some days back.
At least 3,600 people belonging to 500 households have been rendered displaced because of natural disaster. Most affected local levels are Raptisonari, Narainapur and Duduwa rural municipalities.

The Rapti River flooding has displaced 300 households of Raptisonari rural municipality-2, Tikulipur settlement, shared Information Officer at the District Disaster Management Committee, Rupan Gyawali.

“The displaced are those abandoning homes due to fear”, he said. The flood-affected people have been kept in different shelter homes and schools while some of them have returned to their own homes, he added.

The flood has widely eroded the river embankment areas.
Likewise, over 300 residents of Krishi Chauferi of Duduwa rural municipality and ward 18 and 20 of Nepalgunj sub-metropolis have also been displaced due to inundation. Flood has broken 200 households of Narainapur.

Most of the settlements in six wards of the rural municipality have been waterlogged. Rural municipality chair Istiak Ahamad Sah informed that the local people are not in a condition to reside and prepare meals in their homes due to inundation.

The inundated area has been without electricity for the past four days. Several settlements, including Baniya village, Roshanpurawa, Mahatiniya, Bahabpurawa, Gigali, Rataiya, Kautiya, Kodipur and Pachpedawa, Ghoddanriya, Panditpurawa and Jamunaha have been waterlogged. “Almost all areas here have been besieged with water”, he shared.

A meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee has decided to collect data of the flood survivors and provide dry foods to the affected as part of immediate relief measure.


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