Chairperson Dahal to fight election from Gorkha-2

Dainik Nepal Oct 08, 2022 | 8:03

Kathmandu: Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has decided to fight election to the House of Representatives (HoR) from constituency-2 of Gorkha district.

The meeting of the office bearers of the party held on Friday evening took a decision to this regard, according to Secretary Ganesh Sah. It is said there would be candidates from Maoist Centre and Nepali Congress for the Provincial Assembly in the district.

In the both elections of Constituent Assembly, the Maoist Centre had got victory from constituency-2 of Gorkha- Baburam Bhattarai in 2064BS, and Hitraj Pande in 2070BS.
With the support of Nepali Congress, Bhattarai had won election from the same constituency in 2074BS election. Bhattarai has already announced that he would not field candidacy in the November 20 election.

Chairperson Dahal was elected from constituency-3 of Chitwan in 2074BS election. In the meeting, Chairperson Dahal informed the office bearers of the updates in ruling party alliance. He assured that Maoist party had got some 47 seats in the allocation for November 20 election under House of Representatives.


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