Rain predicted for two or three more days

Dainik Nepal

Kathmandu: Rain in various parts of the country including the Kathmandu Valley has continued since Tuesday night.

As a result, offering and receiving Tika on the main day of Bada Dashain today has been affected. Light to moderate rain is predicted to continue across the country today as the monsoon low pressure trough lies towards the north than the normal position, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Today, Sudurpaschim Province will receive heavy rainfall, and light to moderate rain has continued in other provinces, with general cloudy weather in Province 1, Madhes Province and Bagmati Province. Kathmandu received average 30 millimeters in the past 12 hours, said senior meteorologist Shanti Kandel. “The Kathmandu Valley is receiving light rainfall. Rain will stop towards 3 pm to 4 pm today. There is no possibility for clear weather. The weather continues to become cloudy for two or three more days.”

Heavy rain is predicted in Paschim and Sudurpaschim, and this continues for two or three more days, she said, adding that as a result, flooding and landslides are predicted. The Division has urged precaution.


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