Punmagar, 101, receiving care online from granddaughter in Israel

Dainik Nepal Oct 05, 2022 | 16:47

Galeshwor: Shiva Lal Punmagar, 101, of Beli at Malika Rural Municipality-2 in Myagdi district has been receiving a proper care at his old age. So much so, his wishes for living additional more years and remaining with his family have been strengthened.

His granddaughter, Bishnu Punmagar, who currently is in Israel for a job, is in his care day and night online. She directs and instructs the family members online to care for Pun, and purchase necessary goods and provide facilities to him. So, he does not feel alone and left neglected at an old age. As a result of a proper care, Pun seems somehow healthy, active and happy.

Bishnu has become an example for the entire village, and probably for others as she has been in the care of Pun 24/7, said a villager. Elderly people are often left neglected, and as a result of a lack of care, they are put into old age homes or shelter for the underprivileged people at temples or pilgrimage sites. But, Pun is exceptional, he said. Now, Bishnu has returned from Israel on leave from work, and is in the rural municipality to Pun’s care.

She used to order the family members to take care of grandpa even by giving up other household chores. Thanks to the care provided by the family members as suggested by the granddaughter, grandfather Shiva Lal, although physically weak, talks with family members, teaches practical things, takes update of relatives, always with a smiling face. He is also mentally active.
After returning home from Israel, Bishnu arranged for the proper care, food and happiness of her grandfather. She adopted the methods of taking care of elderly people that she learnt in Israel. Now, the granddad has overcome his physical frailty and he eats food and chats with family members.

Bishnu, who has been living in Israel for the last 15 years, works as a care giver to the elderly persons there. Locals describe Shivalal as a respectable village elder who has vast practical knowledge. He is like the ‘sun’ for our village, they said of this grandfather. Many people come to visit him at the house daily wishing him long life. Shivalal was that person who was dedicated for the development and uplift of their village since he was a youth, according to the locals.

There is a religious belief and social tradition of considering people who have crossed 100 years as a ‘human god’. Their deeds during their life time become an example in society. There are three older persons who are over 100 years of age in Beli village. Bishnu pays a visit to them daily at their house. She teaches the members of their families how to look after the elderly people. She buys the necessary goods and nutritive food and gives them. Bishnu sometimes also cooks special meals for the elderly people in the village.


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