Chandragiri Municipality to test dengue for free

Dainik Nepal Sep 26, 2022 | 19:49

Kathmandu: The Chandragiri Municipality has made arrangement to test dengue for free from Primary Hospital in Dhankot to the citizens of municipality.

The patients are receiving free health care services including test and treatment for dengue. Mayor of Chandragiri Municipality Ghanshyam Giri said the provision of free health care against dengue was managed by according top priority for the health care issue of the city dwellers.

He has also appealed to the city dwellers to apply best possible measures against the dengue infection adding that the number of dengue patients is on the rise in the municipality. Chief of the Hospital Dr Hemnath Acharya said that critical patients of the dengue infection have not been admitted to the hospital so far.

Necessary testing kit for the dengue infection test have been availed from the municipality for the hospital that runs 15 beds.


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