Actress Kavveri Priiyam recalls casting couch experience: ‘I sat in an autorickshaw and cried…’

Dainik Nepal Sep 25, 2022 | 20:44

Actress Kavverii Priiyam recently opened up about her struggling days in the industry and recalled her casting couch experience. In a conversation with ETimes, Kavverii shared that once a casting director made an ‘indecent proposal’ to her, leaving her to burst into tears.

She said, ‘After that incident, I sat in an autorickshaw and cried my eyes out because I had given up everything and came to Mumbai to become an actress, and this is the way I was getting treated. I started thinking there is no value for talent.’ The actress also spoke about other ‘demotivating’ incidents where she was asked to pay a huge amount to get a break. For more news & updates, stay tuned to ETimes.


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