Save Your Money, Buy an iPhone 13 !

Dainik Nepal Sep 25, 2022 | 20:36

If you’re looking carefully, you’ll notice that we skipped the iPhone 14 and focused more on the Pro model. That’s because when it comes to the iPhone 14, there’s one conclusion that’s hard to avoid: buy an iPhone 13 instead. Apple is refining the iPhone 13 with a similar processor but bigger cameras, a slightly bigger battery, and a few other minor changes here and there. It’s to the credit of the iPhone 13 that it has little to improve on to keep it competitive, and your wallet will thank you if you carefully consider buying it over the 14.

“Most people should consider other options, but there’s an argument for the iPhone 14 if you meet a narrow set of criteria: You’re on an iPhone 12 or older, you really want the satellite SOS feature, you’re on 6.1.” -inch screen size (it’s, after all, perfect), you want the best camera quality at this price point, you need a new phone right now, and your carrier is offering a sweet trade-off, “The Verge recommends Nilay Patel.

There’s no reason not to get an iPhone 14, especially because you can get a lot more than the iPhone 14 has to offer with the iPhone 14, and for less. This doesn’t apply to the iPhone 14 Plus, which is a different beast in its own right. For the regular iPhone 14, though, it’s not the best deal.


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