Karnali River Erosion: Satti Bridge, Rajapur in Bardia, Tikapur-8 at Risk

Dainik Nepal Aug 07, 2022 | 11:14

Surkhet : Flooding in Karnali river is posing risk to the Satti bridge, Rajapur and Tikapur-8 in Bardia.

The embankment built on the north side of the Satti bridge has collapsed and the dam has started collapsing. Every year, the risk of the river flowing towards Bardia has increased.

Furthermore, thousands of hectares of cultivation are at risk of erosion. As there is a risk that the river may enter the settlement, the Tikapur municipality is in a state of readiness to rescue the citizens in ward no. 8 of the municipality.

If the river flows towards Bardia, the forests of Rajapur area and various settlements and markets of Rajapur are also at risk. Last year too, this bridge on the postal highway connecting Kailali and Bardia districts was blocked for six days.

Hundreds of vehicles and thousands of citizens pass through the Satti bridge every day. If the river erodes and encroaches on the settlements, the risk of flooding will increase in dozens of villages including Sangharsha Nagar, Mukt Kamaiya Basti, Chediya of Rajapur-4.

Due to the high flow of water, the risk of the bridge being washed away has increased. The 531-meter-long bridge was built six years ago at a cost of Rs. 460 million. –RSS


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