Japan leads in semiconductors and electronic technology

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 8:18

Japanese electronic parts companies have the technology to make various electronic substrates. This electronic substrate for the electric product is required to be shaped, miniature as it is applicable to multiple uses.

“It is a technology called jet dispenser, which is used to release liquid. It’s our favourite technology and we’ve developed a jet dispenser that can be applied at a high speed of 500 shots and 600 shots per second. This machine is a device that attaches two heads as a fully automatic device for high-speed releasing. Precise and micro technology is very difficult. Japan has a great deal of experience in manufacturing technology such as semiconductors and electronic components,” said Toshihiro Momose of Musashi Engineering.

The foundation of semiconductors and electronic substrates is replaced by a variety of materials.

The technology to attach to cloth and film was realized by changing the temperature at the time of installation.

Asserting that the technology to use various sensors has changed, Director and CTO, Connectec Japan, Nozomi Shimoishizaka said, “It is changing from the old hard type and sturdy sensor board to a small and very weak sensor now.”

“In our company, we are developing technology which enables low temperature attaching. And, we aim to expand the use of sensors and boards that were not installed in the past,” he added.

For electric vehicle technology, mass production of the electronic substrate is required and Robot Technology has enabled a fully automated line in the manufacture of an electronic substrate, which has many processes.

Moreover, a Fuji official, Daisuke Kato stated “Solving the subject to maximize production line, we have the concept to produce continuously working line,” saying further that in order to produce an automatic line alternative to the human worker, it is necessary to work repeatedly in safe and with accuracy.

We made a big effort to keep the preciseness of the contact point and smooth operation, he added.

Japanese parts companies contribute to the electronic industry by background support technology as technological advancement increases the variation and mass production of electronic substrates. 


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