Automatic machines prepares Japanese traditional sweet dish ‘Wagashi’

Dainik Nepal Jun 26, 2022 | 7:56

A food machine is being used to automatically prepare Wagashi, a Japanese traditional sweet dish. It beautifully creates the delicate appearance of the sweet.

Food machine-making competition is growing tough in the course of creating such a level of technology that can give taste similar to traditional cooking.

“The rice goes through here and sushi rice is made here one by one. This is a machine that grabs sushi rice and arranges it as designed by this tablet. It is very difficult for sushi chef to make the same kind of sushi rice when they hold it by hand and our machine is skillful about it, Ryunosuke Kurihara from Suzumo said.

Ryunosuke Kurihara also said that it does not break even if you hold it tightly because each sushi rice contains air. “We also make a machine that creates melty sushi rice when you put it in your mouth,” Kurihara said further.

Recently, Japanese rice balls have been sold at stores all over the world. Visitors are amazed at the new technology.

A visitor said: “I wonder what they think about how it uses the blade very well. I just tried it and it had tomato sauce, but it was not moist, but the rice was crispy and delicious.”

Takashi Fujita, from Shinagawa Machinery Works said that this food machine is not a simple mechanical meal, but a food machine based on the concept of “fanning” fried rice.

“It is made by chefs to provide the deliciousness of Chinese restaurants. I studied cooking methods and cooking time, measured them with my watch, and conducted research and development on how long it would take to make the best-fried rice,” Takashi Fujita said.

“After all, the most difficult thing was to keep rice grains. The structure of the fanning blades has become the most special shape,” Takashi Fujita added.

The automatic fried rice machine is designed to give the same feeling as traditionally cooked fried rice. It is very important that the temperature of the pot is kept at the same level and the ingredients are mixed properly.


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